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More than 130 years' combined experience designing and manufacturing heat exchangers and oil coolers

Savage began manufacturing heat exchangers in the late 1960s, initially supplying the growing jet boat market in New Zealand. The company quickly gained a reputation in the marine industry for quality products.

We soon expanded into manufacturing marine engine cooling systems and accessories for the fishing industry. Then we moved into manufacturing industrial and hydraulic oil coolers.

In the early 1970s, Savage began exporting to Australia, appointing distributors in several states. Our export business has grown into a large part of our market.

Savage Manufacturing is now owned by Gavin and Gary Parr. The two brothers began as employees in the company, as did a third Parr brother, Ron, who is now the Leading Fabricator. Gavin, Gary and Ron have a combined experience of more than 130 years' in the design and manufacture of Savage products.

Savage Manufacturing now has customers all over the world and has built a reputation internationally for making products of the highest quality.




  • Marine and industrial Heat Exchangers
  • Combination Heat Exchanger / Tank Units
  • Hydraulic Oil Coolers
  • Marine Engine Oil Coolers
  • Marine Transmission Oil Coolers
  • Marine Condensors
  • Fuel Coolers
  • Water Cooled Exhaust Manifolds
  • Aftermarket Tube Bundles / Coolers

Savage Manufacturing Limited can export heat exchangers, oil coolers and other products to anywhere around the world. Please contact us for information about how we can best help you.