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Heat exchangers and oil coolers

Designed to extend the life of your marine engine or industrial/hydraulic system

All our heat exchangers and oil coolers are manufactured with copper shells, bronze o-ring sealed end caps, 90-10 cupro-nickel tube bundles and zinc anode protection. They are built to withstand salt and extreme water conditions.

Heat Exchangers

What ever type of engine you have in your boat, we can supply you with a heat exchanger to suit … from the smallest petrol or diesel engine to large V8 petrol and medium-range diesels.Vertical Mounting with Integral Header Tank Horizontal mounting with Integral Header Tank

Vertical Mounting with Integral Header Tank Horizontal mounting with Integral Header Tank

Even the largest diesel engines are no problem, as we can manufacture you a unit to suit, using modular construction from standard components.

If you need a quality heat exchanger, Contact us now to talk about your requirements.

Oil Coolers

Years of testing with and without oil coolers has shown us that proper cooling of your oil is essential to extend the life of your engine and improve its performance.

What ever type of oil cooler you need, we can manufacture it. Our standard range includes 50-series marine transmission models, 75-100 series models and up to HD (heavy-duty) 100-150 models.

75 & 100 Series Models. Engine, Hydraulic Industrial Unit 50 Series Transmission Model ( Sealed Unit )

If you need a larger unit we can manufacture it to your specifications, using modular construction.

Contact us now to discuss the type of oil cooler that best suits your requirements.

Water Cooled Exhaust Manifolds

For maximum resistance to corrosion, we build most of our manifolds in cast LM6 aluminium.

Cast Aluminium Manifold Cast Aluminium Exhaust Elbow Outlet

We also have a limited range of fabricated steel, hot dip galvanised manifolds, which have proved very satisfactory in service.

Tube Bundles

We have a range of aftermarket replacement heat exchanger, oil cooler and intercooler tube bundles available. Or we can manufacturer what ever you require if you provide us with a sample.

Aftermarket Tube Bundle  

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.